Sudoku Styles All-in-One

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عضو شده: 11/23/2021

I would like to introduce a new online web game called Sudoku Styles!!

Here is the link:

In addition to Classic Sudoku, this game also has many designed variations and is works around the concept of constraints.

Several of the other variations are:
- Sudoku X - Sudoku plus 2 extra constraints making an X
- Window Sudoku - Sudoku plus 4 extra boxes as constraints (Windoku)
- Jigsaw Sudoku - irregular shapes making up the constraints
- Mini Quad Sudoku - 4 mini interlocking Sudoku puzzles
- Mini Samurai Sudoku - 5 mini interlocking Sudoku puzzles

... and a LOT more!

There are 3 levels: Easy, Medium and Hard. The HARD level can be very challenging!
** Every puzzle has only one unique solution that can be solved through logic. **

Here are some screens:

It also works on mobile devices like iPad and Tablets.


عضو شده: 11/23/2021
Sudoku Styles Updated 4/30/2022

Updated 4/30/2022 - Added 2 new puzzle styles... Windows Sudoku X (WindokuX) and Region Sudoku! Both of these are very challenging puzzles.

Windows Sudoku X   Region Sudoku

This game now has, including Sudoku, 12 different puzzle styles!!

Here is the link: