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Let’s introduce you a unique web page bringing lots of popular sudoku puzzles. To solve them you can compare your results to the results of players all over the world. enables all sudoku players to play top puzzles in competition conditions without leaving home.

We have prepared three main sections:

We prepare five competition puzzles every day. In Daily League they are classic and variant sudoku puzzles, in the Beginning Players League they are easy sudoku and easy variant puzzles and finally in the League of Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen it is a variant prepared by world-known authors who are usually really successful participants of World Sudoku Championships.
All the variants are prepared in hand and pre-solved by experienced players, so we can say that we bring you the best of sudoku variants’ world.

Every year we also prepare several on-line tournaments in which you can taste the atmosphere of high-quality competitions, such as Czech or World Championships. These tournaments are prepared by world-known authors and you can find there puzzles not only for champions but also for less experienced players who want to try how a big tournament looks like.
Usually they are two-hour-long tournaments opened for the whole weekend. During the period players can get a password, download a password-protected PDF file and after solving fill into a ready-made blank form the answers of all puzzles they are able to solve.
A big advantage of SudokuCup is the fact you can compete with players not only from the Czech Republic but with players from the whole world.

Register now and get down to solve nice sudoku puzzles with us.